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  Programmable Interconnect Matrix
  The PIM consists of a completely global routing matrix for signals
  from I/O pins and feedbacks from the logic blocks. The PIM
  provides extremely robust interconnection to avoid fitting and
  density limitations.
  The inputs to the PIM consist of all I/O and dedicated input pins
  and all macrocell feedbacks from within the logic blocks. The
  number of PIM inputs increases with pin count and the number
  of logic blocks. The outputs from the PIM are signals routed to
  the appropriate logic blocks. Each logic block receives 36 inputs
  from the PIM and their complements, allowing for 32-bit opera-
  tions to be implemented in a single pass through the device. The
  wide number of inputs to the logic block also improves the routing
  capacity of the Ultra37000 family.
  An important feature of the PIM is its simple timing. The propa-
  gation delay through the PIM is accounted for in the timing speci-
  fications for each device. There is no additional delay for
  traveling through the PIM. In fact, all inputs travel through the
  PIM. As a result, there are no route-dependent timing param-
  eters on the Ultra37000 devices. The worst-case PIM delays are
  incorporated in all appropriate Ultra37000 specifications.
  Routing signals through the PIM is completely invisible to the
  user. All routing is accomplished by software-no hand routing
  is necessary.  Warp
  and third-party development packages
  automatically route designs for the Ultra37000 family in a matter
  of minutes. Finally, the rich routing resources of the Ultra37000
  family accommodate last minute logic changes while maintaining
  fixed pin assignments.

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